No less a rock and roll expert than John Lennon proclaimed the Shirelles his favorite group in the early days of Beatlemania. Few performers can truly be called trendsetters; fewer still can sustain a high visibility and presence in the consciousness of the music-loving public over almost 60 years; and even fewer can be called iconic, but the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Members, The Shirelles, are and have done all of this and more.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees the Shirelles were one of the earliest and certainly among the very best girl groups with twenty plus “Billboard Top 100 Hits” including the timeless classic Billboard #1 Hits: “Soldier Boy” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. Often credited with launching the girl-group genre, their enduring string of hits began with "I Met Him on a Sunday" and their historic 1958 debut at New York’s legendary Apollo Theatre, launching them into music history. The Shirelles’ series of hits includes the time-honored: Dedicated To The One I Love (Billboard #3) Foolish Little Girl (Billboard #4), Mama Said (Billboard #4), Baby It’s You (Billboard #8), Everybody Loves a Lover (Billboard #19), Big John (Billboard #21), Tonight’s The Night (Billboard #39) and many more.

Since their historic 1958 debut at the Apollo Theatre, they have sold out major venues of every type, from festivals to concert hall appearances, performing arts centers, casinos, supper clubs, cruise ships, symphony orchestras and college campuses. The Shirelles have performed on five continents and often appeared as the headlining act before many heads of state and U.S. presidents.

The Shirelles began their career as the “Pequellos,” in a May 1957 talent show at Passaic High School. The four teenagers, honed their collective singing skills, harmonizing with the current music of the day while babysitting. In just a few years from their inception, they were acknowledged as the creators of the Girl Group Sound, which is so beloved by the Baby Boomer generation. They were the first female group to sell over one million records and cross over from rock & roll to pop. Additionally, they were one of the first groups to write their own music, a rarity in a male-dominated industry, and have their own publishing company.

It is with extreme pride that The Shirelles broke the racial barrier at segregated colleges and universities, also at a performance at Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama, where they performed alongside Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Johnny Mathis, James Baldwin, and Joe Louis, with Martin Luther King, Jr. sitting on stage with the entertainers and very much enjoying the show. This historic benefit performance hosted by Joey Adams, President of AGVA, helped raise funds to pay for many of the buses that took marchers to Washington, DC for the historical August 1963 March on Washington, where King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech was delivered!

In 1996, The Shirelles were accorded the highest honor in their profession: induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In the same year, they were honored with an equally prestigious honor: induction into the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame. In 2012, The Shirelles were inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. The list of honors, inductions, awards, etc. accorded to the four ladies from Passaic, New Jersey is both amazing and unequalled, to say the least. Perhaps the most personal recognition of The Shirelles is the naming of their high school auditorium in January 1997, SHIRELLES AUDITORIUM, and the dedication of SHIRELLES BOULEVARD on September 21, 2008, the address/location of their high school, in their hometown.

Over the years, The Shirelles’ music has been recorded/covered by the following singers, a veritable who’s who of modern entertainers: The Beatles, Ringo, Aretha Franklin, Laura Nero, Patty LaBelle, Dionne Warwick, Eric Clapton & the Yardbirds, The Mamas& the Papas, Smokey Robinson, Amy Winehouse, and numerous others.

The Shirelles were among the first star-level entertainers to get involved in the battle against AIDS and to continuously take part in fundraisers for the USO (including hosting a benefit for Persian Gulf troops), and hosting a fundraiser for the Mental Health Association of Passaic (NJ) County, on which, Beverly Lee, Co-founder of The Shirelles, served on the Board of Directors.

The Shirelles have made such an indelible impression on American culture that their name was regularly used in the Doonesbury comic strip and TV programs (Golden Girls, Cheers, Murphy Brown, Blossom) to personify the era of the ‘50s and ‘60s. They continue to thrill audiences worldwide with their high-energy show, An Evening With the Shirelles, that includes their many hits interspersed with a wide variety of selections from pop, rock, and soul, to standards, gospel, and country, missed with spirited dancing and comedy, all done in the inimitable style that millions of worldwide fans have come to expect of the legend that is The Shirelles!